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Despite the four different types, all of our rooms were designed under the same mission: to become your cosy little home. They are therefore not luxurious but inviting, with promises of unwinding joy. This is something you will never get bored at no matter how fast interior design trend has evolved.


Whereas an individual terrace with voguish teak armchairs allows you to drink in some wonderful landscape, every room featuring furniture mostly made from teak and other kinds of wood by local carpenters brings you into contact with the beauty of nature. A full range of facilities are provided just like in other top-rated hotels.


In addition to the sense of warmth and delightful ambiance, these 15 rooms also have their own unique characteristics beyond the same philosophy of design. That is why they will enrich any stays with small details and experiences unlike no others.


26 sqm. ; Double bed or Twin bed.

for 2 persons


34 sqm. ; 1 King size bed and 1 single bed

for 3 persons


34 sqm. ; King size bed for 2 persons

available to add a extra bed for 3rd person


44 sqm. ; King size bed for 2 persons

available for 2 extra beds on 2nd floor

Dear Friends,

Nestling in Ao Nang, Krabi province, MINI HOUSE AONANG is a small hotel with commitment to bring in easy, friendly, and welcoming experiences. It is where you can relish the surrounding nature, morning sunlight, works of art, as well as meticulous handicrafts by local artisans. 


With respect to our setting in a remarkable natural heritage area, the significance of sufficient environmental management has also been recognised. By incorporating go-green amenities and using plastic only when necessary, we hope that you will enjoy their stay to the fullest while leaving non-degradable waste as least as possible.


Enjoy your stay at Mini House Aonang

Thank you : )

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