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Mini House Aonang


Within a walking distance from Ao Nang Beach, MINI HOUSE AONANG enables you to wake up, draw the curtains, and be greeted with a view of farmland and limestone cliffs. Hidden amidst a bustling locale of Ao Nang district, this secluded but peaceful tiny house is also where our beloved lifestyles and aesthetics, all of which we would like you to experience, are being shared.


Having the true definition of ‘home’ in mind, our accommodation embraces concepts of breeziness, simplicity, and sustainability, with every component thoroughly interwoven to create a pleasantly livable residence. There are 15 rooms available, each of which equipped with a balcony and locally made wooden furniture. Paintings decorated there, furthermore, reflect the suburb’s stunning natural sceneries as seen through the eyes of several contemporary artists.


And of course, as a home, the importance of green space has been considered second to none. Ranging from small indoor plants to huge trees in the yard, we offer you more options to relax. After getting up or having breakfast (a variety of which are prepared for your selection), for example, simply grab a book from our library to read under the mild sunlight; revel in a moment of homey pleasure that cannot be found easily from anywhere else.

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